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    21 Things You Know If You Only Know How To Do One Makeup Look

    You only actually know how to do one thing.

    1. People think that you have this whole makeup thing down.


    2. However, little do they know, you actually know how to do one look and one look only.

    And you're shit at everything else.

    3. But you've perfected that look as much as you can.

    Cartoon Network

    4. You have several versions of that look, but it's just an illusion.


    5. Because it's all the same look, just with different lipstick shades, maybe. / BuzzFeed

    6. People often assume that just because you can do this one look really well, you can do many others.


    7. Or that you can recreate the same look on them.

    Nope lol I can only do the one look on one particular face (mine).

    8. Or worse, that you can do a completely different look on them.


    Who the hell do you think I am? Some sort of wizard?

    9. Every time you delve outside your comfort zone is a disaster.

    10. But you probably have a stash of hardly used makeup from all the times you decided you will delve outside your comfort zone.

    When you clean your room & makeup and realize you have a huge addiction and don't use barely any of it. 😇😅

    And then realised that it's your comfort zone for a reason.

    11. You buy palettes but only use, at most, 20% of the colours.

    BuzzFeed /

    12. You also buy the same lipstick shade over and over again.

    mom: stop buying the same lipstick colors me: I DONT EVEN also me:

    The endless search for that perfect shade to perfect your one look.

    13. You also probably have a stash of your favourite products.

    Ran out of @AntipodesNZ foundation, good job I stockpile it. Might add some to my EQ survival kit?! #lovejubilation

    If you run out of one and can't complete your look, it's a disaster.

    14. You watch a lot of makeup tutorials with no intention of recreating them.

    15. Because if you attempt to recreate them, you will fail miserably.

    when you watch too many makeup tutorials @JourneyPhillips

    16. Or just change your mind and do your regular makeup anyway, halfway through.

    DreamWorks Distribution

    17. Sometimes you'll just watch makeup tutorials for your exact same look, thinking there is some secret you haven't learnt yet.


    There isn't.

    18. You're in awe of people who like to experiment with different looks.

    19. Especially when they also manage to look so good in so many different looks.

    Him: I think we should see other people Me: who you wanna see today?

    20. You can never trust anyone else to do your makeup.

    20th Century Fox Television

    Even though you're shit at all other makeup, you know you've nailed this one look and no one will be able to do it right.

    21. You know that you will be wearing this look well into your old age.

    TriStar Television

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