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21 Things You Know If You're Actually Incredible At Giving Gifts

It's both a blessing and a curse.

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2. You take it as a personal challenge when someone says “I don’t mind” when you ask what gifts they want.

You'll find something they didn't even realise they wanted, damn it.


9. Gift-giving isn't something you reserve for special occasions, either.


Someone is feeling sad? You'll get them a gift. Someone invited you over for dinner? Gift! Seeing someone for the first time in a while? Gift!!!

12. You almost definitely have a *theme* or style.

13. You don’t mind getting stuck in with a handmade gift instead of buying something.

14. You're far more generous when it comes to spending on other people than you are with yourself.

15. But with such a great ~gift~ for gift-giving comes a great curse, because the presents people give you can’t possibly match up to the ones you give them.

me as a gift-giver: 8 months ago I heard you mention your favorite author. I wrote them a letter and got you a firs…

So you're always left a bit disappointed.


17. You’ve considered doing all the legwork and sending your loved ones an email with links to all the things you want.

My wife is not sending me links to Christmas gifts this year and says I must pick out something for her on my own. I think I’m being set up.

18. Despite winning every Secret Santa, you’re always aware that you’ll likely get some tat in exchange for your thoughtful present.

MTV / Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed

Like a dancing Santa toy, which literally no one needs and you will have to pack away a week later, anyway.

20. Nothing gives you a greater kick than seeing the reaction on peoples’ faces when they open a gift from you and are truly delighted.