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    18 Things You'll Understand If You Hardly Wash Your Hair

    You like to think you don’t wash your hair often because you’re being smart rather than just being lazy.

    1. When you were younger, your probably over-washed your hair.

    2. Then you got older, and realised no one really cares about the state of your scalp.

    Me. Searching for all the fucks I give when someone says they hate my hair.

    3. And you would much rather have an extra half hour in bed, anyway.

    4. You might also have really thick or curly hair that demands a very long and time-consuming ritual.

    People want long, thick hair but when it's hair wash day and you have to spend forty mins to get it to be dry you'll think again lmao

    5. So you're not even going to bother trying to do anything to your hair if you can't do it properly.

    6. You're in a very committed relationship with dry shampoo.

    If you like the smell of dry shampoo then I'm your girl.

    7. Even though basically it means your hair is a solid block of dry shampoo and grease by the end of the week.

    I have so much dry shampoo in my hair it's starting to resemble a late 18th century powdered wig

    8. If you have a fringe, you're the master of washing ~only~ your fringe to create the false illusion of clean hair.

    @Gemmza loving life an cutting corners by just washing her fringe😏😌

    9. If you don't have a fringe, you're definitely put off the idea of having one because it would make not washing your hair slightly more difficult.

    10. You plan your hair washing around social engagements.

    Me trying to figure out which days to wash my hair so it can line up with my plans...

    You'll not wash your hair for a few days longer than normal so as to have fresh hair for a very special occasion.

    11. It also has some really great benefits, like making your hair far healthier...

    12. Your energy bill much lower, too...

    Me spending money on stuff I want vs spending money on stuff I need

    13. And all your products last much longer.

    How much shampoo I use Vs conditioner 😂😂

    Or at least you're more justified in smearing a ludicrous amount of conditioner into your hair.

    14. Of course, it also means you have to do very little for your hair to look (comparatively) great.

    15. You like to think you don’t wash your hair often because you’re being smart rather than just being lazy.

    16. Although when you do finally wash your hair, it's a bloody ordeal.

    I need to wash my hair but I'm not mentally prepared to dry it.

    "I'm washing my hair tonight" is a legitimate excuse not to go out.

    17. So you like to really make a night of it.

    18. And there is no greater satisfaction than seeing your gross, end-of-the-week greasy hair transform into beautiful, shiny, clean hair.

    The semester is over so I finally washed my hair and I feel like a new person.