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19 Things You Know If You Love Dogs But Definitely Can't Have One Yet

All of your life plans are centred around your future dogs.

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1. You really, desperately want a dog.

2. In fact, you have a dog-shaped hole in your life.

6. So instead, you resign yourself to obsessively following every single dog Instagram account.

7. You're definitely a member of Cool Dog Group on Facebook.

Facebook: cooldogpictures

And you're jealous every time someone posts a picture of a really cool dog, and it's their dog. However, you're grateful that your entire News Feed is now just pictures of cool dogs.


9. You're so obsessed with dogs that you know everything about dog breeds.

Aisedora / Getty Images, Svphilon / Getty Images

Of course you can tell the difference between an Alaskan malamute and a Siberian husky.


16. You're not opposed to having children, but you'd rather have dogs.

when ur mom likes ur dog more than u so ya gotta sit in the back :-/

You as a parent.