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    Updated on Jul 13, 2019. Posted on May 11, 2017

    19 Things You'll Relate To If You Hate Cooking And Hate Yourself For It

    You always intend to make dinner from scratch, but somehow you always end up with a takeout.

    1. You love food. However, you hate the annoying bit in between "wanting food" and "eating food", called "making food".

    2. You always have the best intentions. You definitely mean to cook.

    3. It just always seems to take so damn long.

    4. But you still try, and you buy all the right ingredients.

    5. Then you get home, and suddenly it's already 8p.m. and you just can't be bothered to do anything at all.

    6. So you end up having pesto pasta or a take-out instead.

    7. And then you feel crap and vow to start cooking and become an Instagram Health Goddess.

    8. You might make Pinterest boards of recipes you want to try.

    But you know you're lying to yourself and you're literally never going to bother making kombucha from scratch at home.

    9. You probably have a small pile of slightly soggy herbs in your fridge and barely-used jars of spices, all from other abandoned attempts at being a regular cook.

    10. You feel so guilty about the amount of unused ingredients you're wasting – maybe you even compost it to try and lessen the guilt.

    11. Not to mention the amount of money you're wasting.

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    You know that you could make a good curry at home but that's not going to stop you from ordering a takeout for a the second time this week.

    12. You might have even ordered fancy cooking equipment, thinking that was all you were missing in igniting your love for the culinary arts.

    13. You're not necessarily even a bad cook.

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    It isn't a disaster when you cook, you might even be pretty good at it, but it always feels like a chore.

    14. You're jealous of people that seem to find it relaxing and get some genuine joy from it.

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    15. And you assume people that love to cook are far better adults than you.

    16. You're super impressed by meal-prepping but the idea of giving up a Sunday to cook fills you with dread.

    17. Though on the rare occasion that you do cook or even meal prep, you feel so accomplished.

    18. Especially when you have leftovers to eat.

    i forgot i had leftovers in the fridge and just about cried when i discovered them

    19. Unfortunately, that never lasts for long and you always go back to your old ways.