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17 Things You Understand If You Don't Live With Your Long-Term Partner

You basically always have spare underwear in your bag.

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1. You basically have two homes – your own and your partner's.


2. And because you're constantly going between the two, you pretty much always have spare underwear in your bag.


3. And you probably have to buy two of every product.

me: skincare! my other organs: please help us .

Two moisturisers, two face washes, two of everything, unless it's expensive in which case you ferry it around with you along with your underwear.

4. All this ferrying around means you basically always have a big bag with you.

And a change of clothes.

5. You never know which house all your stuff is in.

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6. And you never know which house to post stuff to.

Comedy Central

7. But at least that means you're much more likely to actually have someone in to sign for the package.

Website: "your order had ship---" Me:

But it won't be you, because inevitably you'll be at your other ~home~ the day it arrives.

8. You have to plan your hair-washing so that it doesn't align with the mornings you're at your partner's place.

Screen Gems

So you don't have to buy double the hair products or carry your hairdryer about.

9. Or you plan all your hair-washing days with mornings you are at your partner's place, because they have a much better shower.

I shower at night. First of all, it saves me time in the morning, and second of all, it’s when Michael Fassbender’s sprinklers come on

Good water pressure is a very rare thing.

10. But you never feel quite confident using their shower.

the most impressive scene in any spy movie is in Casino Royale when james bond is in a hotel shower and knows immediately how to use it.

Every shower that isn't your shower is a mystery.

11. You spend more time with your partner's flatmates than you do your own.

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12. You never know how much you should help around their house when it comes to cleaning.

Cartoon Network

You're there so often, but you're technically not a flatmate and almost none of the stuff is yours. How much should you do and not do??

13. You never know if you're saving money or losing money.

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You're always at your boyfriend's so you're paying less on your own energy bills, but you're also paying rent for a flat you're rarely in.

14. You secretly enjoy spending a few nights away from your partner when you can truly revel in being kind of gross.

home is where you can look ugly & enjoy it

It can be a welcome relief.

15. But you soon start to miss your partner even after a few days apart.

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16. Living separately means you have to actively schedule dates to see each other.


Which is both good and bad – date nights are great but organisation is a pain.

17. But even though you know you want to live with your partner, you also know there is no rush – you have the rest of your lives to live together.

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