12 Facts About Candles You Should Probably Know

    Enlightening stuff.

    1. You may have been burning your precious candles incorrectly all this time.

    2. If your candle has started tunnelling, you can still salvage it!

    3. A candle shouldn't produce smoke when it's burning.

    4. Freezing a candle won't actually make it last longer.

    5. You should never blow out a candle.

    6. Not all candles drip.

    7. Candles have been made out of cows, insects, and whales.

    8. They have also been made using fish. Like, actual whole fish.

    9. A candle flame doesn't always point up.

    10. A candlemaker or seller is known as a chandler.

    11. Scented candles and dinner are only a good combination if you know what you're doing.

    12. Putting candles on cakes is a tradition that dates back to Ancient Greece.