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18 Things That Happen When A Brit Dates An Aussie

You swear and drink a lot more, and you know all the ways in which a funnel web spider might kill you.

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1. You know so much more about the beautiful flora and fauna of Australia than you ever thought you would.

3. You also know that Australians love seeing the horror in people's eyes when they talk about how dangerous their wildlife is, so you continue making a horrified face even though you know exactly how funnel web spiders can kill you.

Sure, you've heard this all before, but the sheer joy you see in the eyes of an Australian describing a cassowary attack is something you cannot deny them.


7. You know that Foster's is a contentious drink, and not the popular beer the advertisements would have you think it is.

[American accent] Fosters, Australian for beer.

Most Australians, at least in my experience, describe it as none other than "piss water".

8. You're constantly reminded of which celebs are Aussie, as well as all the many ~cultural contributions~ Aussie's have made.

Warner Bros.

Honestly, try watching Mad Max without being told how it's originally an Australian film.


10. As well as for caffeine.

Australians did the whole fancy coffee shop thing long before the rest of the world.

11. You either develop a passionate love for Tim Tams, and wonder how you ever lived without them, or you have to always try to justify the travesty that is your tastebuds.

13. You know that no beach is on par with Australian beaches.

There's no point even arguing about it.

14. You've learnt to appreciate things you never did before, like cold weather.

And not sweating like a pig on Christmas day.

15. You've been to a fair share of barbecues.

You were definitely in awe the first time you witnessed a really Aussie throw a shrimp on the barbie (albeit probably ironically and just for you).