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    17 Things People With Big Feet Will Never Understand

    "One size fits all", except your size.

    1. "One size fits all" socks DO NOT FIT ALL SIZES.

    2. And heeled shoes are not made for people with small feet.

    3. That is, if they make heeled shoes in your size at all.

    It's so hard to find shoes in my size but I can get these beauty's in my size! #smallfeetproblems 😂

    4. And most heels look bizarrely tall on you.

    5. And some brands appear to have stopped catering to you altogether.

    6. But at least your trainers cost a lot less.

    7. Except sales assistants always give strange looks when you, an adult person, try on children's shoes.

    8. Stores also like to put the smallest sizes on the highest shelves, probably as a cruel joke.

    9. Your feet basically disappear if you wear wide trousers.

    10. At some point, someone has probably made the hilarious suggestion that your feet are more like hooves.

    11. People also like to compare your feet with theirs.

    Holy crappppp #smallfeetproblems @Mervin3000

    12. And you always seem to be competing with people half your age during the sales.

    13. If you can find your size in the sales shelves at all.

    14. Because there are actually always more people who want to buy the smallest sizes than the biggest.

    15. But at least you can find more vintage shoes that fit you.

    16. Except that most vintage stores now seem to specifically try to stock mostly larger sizes.

    17. At least you can wear pointy shoes and big boots without worrying that your feet will look disproportionally big.