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17 Struggles Everyone That Lives In Zone 6 Has

As far as other Londoners are concerned, you live in the middle of nowhere.

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5. Sometimes you have to fight the urge to get really defensive about it.

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"It's a fucking London borough you little shite", you think to yourself as someone that lives in Zone 4, i.e. 15 mins away from you on the tube, proclaims that you don't actually live in London.

7. And when you go out, you feel like Cinderella.

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You need to get home before the tubes/trains stop working because even an Uber to yours will cost more than all the money you spent on booze combined.


13. You curse the privatisation of the railways because your Travelcard is so fucking expensive.

Forgot my monthly #travelcard this morning & paid 4 it; £16.40 for a peak daily travelcard in #London! #Ripoff

14. You probably have power naps on your commute.

Casually asleep on the tube at 3.30pm #asyoudo #londontube

What else are you supposed to do for 40 minutes?

17. For all the commuting pain, it's actually super nice to still live in a place where you can reach central London and country parks with ease.

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