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    17 Struggles Everyone That Lives In Zone 6 Has

    As far as other Londoners are concerned, you live in the middle of nowhere.

    1. Half the time people are shocked that there even is a zone 6.

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    To be fair, you have the same reaction when you realise Zone 9 exists.

    2. And this is what they imagine it looks like.

    3. You may have just given up and just started saying you live in Essex/Kent/Surrey/Middlesex.

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    4. Basically you have to explain yourself every time you're asked where you live.

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    5. Sometimes you have to fight the urge to get really defensive about it.

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    "It's a fucking London borough you little shite", you think to yourself as someone that lives in Zone 4, i.e. 15 mins away from you on the tube, proclaims that you don't actually live in London.

    6. No one can really ever be bothered to come round to yours.

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    And if they do, they feel like it's a day trip.

    7. And when you go out, you feel like Cinderella.

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    You need to get home before the tubes/trains stop working because even an Uber to yours will cost more than all the money you spent on booze combined.

    8. Or you feel like a burden on your friends because you have to stay over at someone's.

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    9. But it's actually quite lovely.

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    Because, unlike the rest of London, you have this thing called fresh air.

    10. Replacement bus services basically mean you can't go to work.

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    There's not really any point because you'll probably only get there in time to leave again.

    11. But you can always get a seat on the tube if you live at the end of a line.

    12. But if you take one of the commuter trains from the counties then you're fucked like everyone else in London.

    Aguirre_mar / Thinkstock

    No personal space, not even in Zone 6.

    13. You curse the privatisation of the railways because your Travelcard is so fucking expensive.

    Forgot my monthly #travelcard this morning & paid 4 it; £16.40 for a peak daily travelcard in #London! #Ripoff

    14. You probably have power naps on your commute.

    Casually asleep on the tube at 3.30pm #asyoudo #londontube

    What else are you supposed to do for 40 minutes?

    15. But you get a bit more for your money in terms of accommodation.

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    But not that much more. It's still London.

    16. There is actually a temperature change from central London.

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    Because of, you know, all the fields and emptiness and lack of pollution.

    17. For all the commuting pain, it's actually super nice to still live in a place where you can reach central London and country parks with ease.

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