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    17 Things Everyone Thats Ever Worn A Ponytail Understands

    Just looking at Ariana Grande is enough to make your scalp hurt.

    1. Ponytails are great. Look how great they are.

    2. They seem like a quick and easy hairstyle that takes less than a minute to do!

    3. Thick, long hair is also great.

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    4. But the two combined is always a terrible mistake.

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    5. Because, without fail, ponytails will give you the worst headache.

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    6. No matter how high, low or loose you wear your ponytail, it hurts.

    The CW

    7. Honestly, looking at Ariana Grande is enough to make your scalp hurt.


    How does she do it??

    8. You've probably tried a wide variety of different hair ties to no avail.

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    9. It makes going to the gym even more terrible.

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    Will you ever achieve your dream of being a stock image sporty girl? No, because you're obligated to have your hair in a ponytail for that.

    10. You've even put your hair into a ponytail overnight and woke up with a headache.

    Simone Giertz / Via

    This is a visual representation of what that feels like.

    11. This pain has led you to experiment with many different, hopefully less painful styles.

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    12. But most of the time you can't be arsed and still shove your hair into a ponytail.

    13. Only spend the day deeply regretting that decision.

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    14. And trying to give yourself a covert head massage.

    15. Then removing your ponytail at the end of the day is pure bliss.

    ADV Films / Cartoon Network / Bandai America

    But also, still painful.

    16. And then you vow to never wear your hair in a ponytail again.


    17. Until next month, when you've forgotten how painful it is.

    Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

    And the cycle begins again.

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