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    19 Things Everyone That's Had To Remove Makeup Will Understand

    The transformation from hot contoured babe, to terrifying melting monster, to a pure and fresh petal.

    1. The first step of the ritual is to feel bad about the artwork on your face that you are about to destroy.

    2. Or, feel elated that soon, once again, you will be able to rub your eyes without a danger of this happening.

    3. And then you just sit for a bit and regret ever having put on makeup in the first place for a bit.

    4. Your hopes are always that the next step will go like this.

    5. But no, it will not be like that. Nothing is ever that easy.

    6. But you have to do it, otherwise you will look like this in the morning.

    7. And you have to do it properly, or you will have to pull out that weird gross stringy black goo from your eyes.

    8. You probably have your own specific ritual. Maybe you hold a cotton pad of makeup remover over your eye, and look like a pirate for a bit.

    9. Maybe you use a wipe and try to ~Mulan~ it.

    10. Or you jump in the shower and let water do it's work.

    11. Or maybe you just rub it and hope for the best.

    12. And lipstick can be even harder to remove than eye makeup.

    13. And if you wore red lipstick that day, you will definitely look like a really messy eater/vampire for a bit.

    14. Or, you know, maybe your ritual is something else entirely.

    how taking off makeup usually goes with us

    15. Then you take a moment to wonder how your makeup can look better on the cotton wool than on your face.

    16. Then you just battle it through and watch your transformation from beautiful babe, to terrifying melting monster, to a fresh, beautiful petal that can rub her eyes.

    17. Then, one final look at your wipe and cotton wool whilst quietly thinking "Did I really put that much gunk on my face?"

    18. And then, finally, you can go to sleep, safe in the knowledge that you are pure and clean and completely undefined.

    How I feel after taking off my makeup

    19. However, at no point during this process do you do this.