19 Truly Mesmerising Videos Of Things Being Made In Unexpected Ways

    So satisfying.

    1. This super precise tile painting:

    2. This unusual glass-blown pen holder:

    3. This Japanese wood-shaving technique using a kanna:

    4. This amazing transformation from block of dough to noodles:

    5. This ice cream cone-making machine:

    6. This machine that's knitting a rainbow sock:

    7. This pet portrait made by burning wood:

    8. This blob printing device:

    9. This technique that reveals the gorgeous colours of the wood grain and blue resin:

    10. This secret to bending plywood:

    11. This beautiful minimalist embroidery:

    12. This master-level avocado-cutting technique:

    13. This super-detailed glass-blown chandelier:

    14. This making of a very precise geometric plant-holder:

    15. This real-time footage of resin being blown to look like waves:

    And this is what the resin paintings look like when they're done:

    16. This thermo vacuum forming machine:

    17. This bracelet pasta making machine:

    18. This resin mould-making for a concrete plant holder:

    19. And finally, this embroidery machine: