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17 Slightly Strange Things About British Homes That Americans Will Never Get

Many of our houses are actually older than the USA itself.

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1. A detached house is a luxury, and most people live in terraced houses.

Look, we live on a small island, so we can't all have the luxury of not sharing walls with neighbours.

2. And those terraced houses are also tiny.

The already-small Victorian terraced homes are often split into several flats.

4. And the toilet isn't always in the same room as the rest of the bathroom.

Delivery guy: Could I use your toilet? Me: Yes sure it's the door under the stairs. Delivery guy: Which one? Me: Er…


5. We actually have kettles.

[British detective enters hotel room, sees tea kettle unplugged, hair dryer plugged in in its place] "So we know they were Americans."

We use freshly boiled water to make our tea, rather than microwaving room-temperature water like savages.

6. We keep the washing machine in the kitchen.

I find it extremely weird that Americans find it extremely weird (and disgusting) that ppl put their washing machines in the kitchen..

You may think it's weird, but surely it's a lot weirder to haul all your dirty underwear out of your house and into a public space, where you have to pay to watch said dirty underwear be washed in front of strangers?

7. We also don't have dryers, so we use the magic that is the atmosphere to dry our clothing.

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We barely have the space for washing machines, let alone dryers. Some washing machines claim to be both, but they're lying.

8. If a home is in a block, it's called a "flat", not an "apartment".

Shank_ali / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Some estate agents use the word "apartment" in advertisements to try and make a property seem more fancy, which usually means it's a shithole.


10. Many of our buildings are older than the USA itself.

The United States of America became an independent nation in in 1776. The flat I lived in while I was at uni was built in 1774.


13. But they're a lot safer because they actually have an on and off switch!

Wait a minute American plug sockets don't have an on/off switch...?

Why don't American sockets have off buttons?? Do you all just have a death wish???

14. The light switch in the bathroom is on a string.

I keep reaching for a light switch...then I realize I'm in London and I have to pull the string thingy

A lot of the design and architecture in the UK seems to be centred around not being electrocuted.

15. We don't have air conditioning, because it only gets hot enough to warrant it once a year, at best.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

However, on that one hot day, boy do we lament our lack of air conditioning.

17. And of course, very few of us can actually afford to buy these weird little houses, but that's not very specific to Britain alone.

Excuse me whilst I cry into my avocado toast.