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How You Act In These Circumstances Will Reveal What Kind Of Person You Are

Your actions can say a lot about you.

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  1. I tell them that their date is probably busy or just trying not to seem too keen, so they shouldn’t jump to the worst possible conclusions right away.
    I tell them not to waste their time hung up on someone who's clearly not that interested in them – they deserve better.
    I try to distract them by going out with them and getting smashed.
    I don’t say anything – I don’t know the full situation and I wouldn’t want to give some bad advice.
  2. I tell them immediately that their behaviour is out of order and they can’t say that to me.
    I’m hurt, but I don’t say anything because I know it wasn’t malicious, unless they do it repeatedly.
    I wait for them to notice that they’ve done something wrong – they should know they shouldn’t speak to me like that, and if they don’t figure that out, then they’ll never change their behaviour.
    I say something back to them of the same caliber so they know how it feels.
  3. I don’t mind – I’m usually late as well so it works out.
    I just tell them to meet me 40 minutes earlier than I intend to be there.
    I tell them that it’s rude.
    I’d probably just hang out with them a lot less.
  4. I’d probably overcompensate and tell them my whole life story, as well as an entire stand-up routine.
    I would do my best to ask interesting questions to get them talking.
    Realistically I would probably get annoyed and frustrated and just speak to someone else.
    I’m exactly the same and I can never start conversations – maybe we would bond over that? Or sit in silence together.
  5. I give them the benefit of the doubt and lend them the money anyway. I’d hope they would do the same for me.
    I lend them the money but with strict terms and maybe even something of theirs as collateral.
    I make an excuse not to give them the money. Friendship is great, but I’m not going to put myself in any risk for their sake, especially when it’s not a dire need.
    I don’t give them the money out of my own pocket, but I offer to help them raise it in some way.
  6. I just ask them consistently until they give it back or one of us dies.
    I’d only have lent the money if they gave me collateral, so I remind them of that.
    At that point I just assume the money is gone forever. It’s not worth fighting with a friend over money.
    I pester them for it consistently until I have it back. I don’t care if I lose a friend, because someone that takes advantage of you like this is not a friend.
  7. I don’t mind – my partner and I are not exclusive.
    I kiss my partner and make it even more obvious that we’re together.
    I quietly pull the person aside, away from my partner, and tell them to back off.
    I’m mostly annoyed at my partner – why don’t THEY make it clear they’re not available?
  8. I just avoid this person as much as I can.
    I don’t acknowledge the flirtiness, but I’m as polite as I can be.
    I mention my partner as often as I can, and if they still don't get the hint I explicitly say to them that they’re making me uncomfortable.
    I flirt back! It’s harmless when there are obviously no other intentions, and it can be good for networking.
  9. I pick it up and chase them down to give it to them.
    I pick it up and intend to give it to them, unless they’re way too fast because then they’d probably rather not be stopped anyway.
    I leave it.
    I take it for myself.
  10. I help them, even if it costs my own life – what’s the point of surviving if you’re all alone?
    I abandon them – it’s better if at least one of us survives.
    I help them as much as I can within reason – I’m not willing to give my own life, but I won’t abandon them.
    I just lie down and let the zombies take me – that’s not a world I want to live in.

How You Act In These Circumstances Will Reveal What Kind Of Person You Are

You got: People think you're super sweet and kind

Everyone you meet thinks you've got a heart of gold. It's true, but it does mean some feel that they can take advantage of you. Not that they actually succeed in doing so; you're kind but you're not naive.

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You got: People think you're badass and strong

The immediate impression people have of you is that you have your shit together, and you're not to be messed with. You're not mean – you're just firm and fair.

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You got: People think you're wild and fun

You're not someone people can easily forget. Unless, of course, they met you at a party, in which case they probably forgot everything. You can be irresponsible at times, but you're just trying to live life to its fullest.

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You got: People think you're very intelligent and mysterious

Your calm and collected mannerisms are comforting to most, but at times they can be read as aloof. In reality, you're not cold or aloof, you're just very comfortable being alone in your own company.

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