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    16 Rude Texts British Weather Would Send You

    "Why are you so obsessed with me?"

    1. British weather doesn't fuck about.

    2. It always delivers on its threats.

    3. Sometimes it tries to make up for it.

    4. But its attempts are rarely appreciated.

    5. But those attempts are not very well timed.

    6. It's almost as if it TRIES to be terribly timed.

    7. Sometimes it's barely even noticeable.

    8. Sometimes it makes itself a little bit too noticeable.

    9. Usually though, we're the ones making the fuss, really.

    10. We also have a weird dependence on it to get through the horror of social interactions.

    11. And we refuse to let go of certain weather-related fantasies.

    12. Fantasies like sunshine in Scotland.

    13. The weather can be a bit of a pain sometimes.

    14. But at least it isn't a homophobe.

    15. And it does try and look out for you sometimes.

    16. That's why we have such a complex relationship with it.