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Stormzy Gave This Oxford Student £9,000 For Her Master's Degree

"Stormzy is actually such an amazing person. May we all have hearts as big as his!"

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Fiona Asiedu is an undergraduate student at Oxford University who's been offered a place on a master's course at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Fiona Asiedu

Her master's would cost around £59,000, including all living costs, and though Asiedu managed to secure a huge chunk of the funds necessary through a scholarship, she still needed an additional £12,000.

To help cover the financial gap, Asiedu set up a Crowdfunder account. Hoping to drive more attention to the fund, a friend of hers tweeted at Stormzy to try to get him to share it too.

Can we all RT this please and get @Stormzy1 to help share her campaign!

Well, not only did Stormzy respond by retweeting, he also donated £9,000 to the fund himself.

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The donation was made under the name of Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Junior but his publicists have confirmed that the generous donor was Stormzy himself.

Obviously, people loved this huge act of generosity.

Nah deep it like this. Stormzy just slapped 9 grand to a randomer to help with her school fees? This guy needs to be showered w/ blessings.


how the fuck can u not like stormzy the man is the second coming i swear what an absolute angel

Stormzy is actually such an amazing person. May we all have hearts as big as his!

Asiedu's now well above her initial £12,000 target, and has stretched the goal to £30,000 so that she can put the additional funds towards a foundation that will help low-income black British students get into Oxford and Harvard themselves.

Fiona Asiedu

You can still donate to her Crowdfunder here, and money raised above £14,000 will be donated to the foundation.