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    22 Things You'll Understand If You've Worn Makeup For A Decade

    Kids today will never know the struggle we've been through.

    1. You've witnessed the makeup revolution that has happened in the past decade.

    Now & then 😳 thank the makeup gods that I discovered @anastasiasoare & @norvina1 my brows will now 4ever be on point

    Everyone has stepped up their game by like, 100000%.

    2. You remember a time before contouring was a thing everyone knew about.

    3. And you watched it become a thing, and then a thing that went too damn far.

    4. You remember when people used to wear completely the wrong foundation shade.

    5. It was a simpler time. A time of sperm brows.

    6. And Lancome Juicy Tubes.

    7. After so many years and so many mistakes, you probably know everything there is to know about your skintone.

    8. You quietly resent all the young people just getting into makeup now.

    9. You remember when you used to basically only use Barry M, Seventeen and Collection 2000 products.

    10. Now, you just try to not think about how much money you spend on makeup unless you fancy giving yourself a panic attack.

    11. You have a perfected, fall-back everyday look that you know suits you.

    12. But you've probably had to make a lot of mistakes before you got to this stage.

    13. Even after so many years of practise, there's probably at least one thing that you still can't do.

    14. But there are things you have down to a fine art.

    15. You know how to decipher ~makeup jargon~.

    16. You remember a time before you used to care or even notice eyebrows.

    17. Over the years you've discovered a few ~holy grail~ products that you couldn't go without.

    18. You also have some very strong opinions on certain brands.

    19. You always notice just how much makeup actors are wearing in films.

    ok what eyeshadow and highlighter is jude law wearing in a.i

    "No make-up make-up" doesn't fool you.

    20. Even after so many years you still enjoy and get excited by makeup.

    21. You don't judge people for how they do their makeup anymore.

    22. But that doesn't stop you from occasionally giving people makeovers in your head.