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    17 Slightly Strange Things About British Schools We Didn't Realise Were Strange

    In what way is walking at a brisk pace whilst holding an egg in a spoon a sport?

    1. For some reason, walking quickly whilst holding an egg in a spoon was considered a sport and was often the very pinnacle of Sports Day.

    2. We put in more effort into our non-uniform day outfits than into anything we've ever worn since.

    3. We thought it was so cool that in America they didn't have to wear uniforms but now kind of wish we could have someone tell us what to wear every day so it'll take the pressure off.

    4. We knew how to properly tie ties, but always chose to wear them like this for some reason.

    5. And then had to slip a 2p coin into the knot lest someone tried to peanut you.

    I feel sorry for schoolkids today, they'll never know the joy of 'peanutting' ya mate.

    6. We would roll up our skirts three times every morning, creating that weird fabric stomach roll but were convinced we still looked better that way.

    when u know ur out of dress code at school and u hear a woman yell "UH EXCUSE ME, MISS"

    7. Our school bags were our main form of individual expression, even though everyone had the exact same one.

    Everyone had this bag back in school 😂

    8. And for some reason, fancy shopping bags were perfectly acceptable P.E. bags.

    Carrying your P.E bag in one of these absolute bad boys

    A paper bag is surely not a very practical P.E. bag but it was still the most coveted.

    9. We all pretended that these useless mats actually cushioned our falls in P.E. when in fact they somehow made things worse.

    10. And plimsolls were for some reason considered as comfortable and sports-appropriate footwear.

    11. Sitting on hard knobbly benches was an ultimate privilege and we couldn't wait until we were in year six to do it.

    When the Year 6s were on a school trip and the Year 5s strutted into assembly knowing that they were finally going to get to sit the benches

    12. A hotdog bun with icing was considered a perfectly acceptable dessert.

    Here talk aboot the school being skint ,Puttin icing on a hot dog roll and calling it a cake Ahahahahahaha

    13. In year seven we somehow thought we needed to bring every earthly possession with us.

    #SecondarySchoolMemories my bag on the first day of year 7

    14. We were somehow trusted with bunsen burners, i.e literal flames, even though we thought it was cool to turn the gas taps on and off.

    Twitter: @alannacb16

    15. Somehow, the ultimate sign of bravery was touching the ridiculously hot radiators.

    16. The fact that we just accepted lollipop ladies as a normal thing rather than acknowledging how whimsical they are.

    Nice article in @brightonargus about super lollipop lady Theresa Andrews celebrating 30yrs at Woodingdean Primary…

    Even the name "lollipop lady" is cute.

    17. But the strangest thing of all was that we considered turkey twizzlers to be the height of British cuisine.