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    19 Signs You're A Possessive Best Friend

    They're allowed other friends, as long as those other friends don't try and replace you.

    1. You're incredibly proud of your best friend.

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    2. You tell everyone you know about them.


    Whilst beaming with pride and with a sparkle in your eye.

    3. You feel like they're most precious person you've ever found and must be protected at all costs.

    4. You put all potential love interests of your best friend under scrutiny.

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    5. Or even through a series of increasingly difficult challenges that they must pass.

    They'll never be good enough.

    6. Of course, you'll be nice to their S.O, as long as they don't try to replace you.

    7. Even though you will quietly resent them a little for taking up so much of your best friend's time.

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    8. You immediately hate anyone who hurts them.


    Even if you're bad at confrontation and have never thrown a punch in your life, you would fight anyone who hurts your best friend if you have to.

    9. You will give the side-eye to end all side-eyes if someone says anything mean about them in front of you.

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    10. They'll forgive the people who hurt them before you do.

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    11. Your own S.O. probably gets a little jealous of your devotion to your best friend.

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    12. You're OK with them making new friends, as long as those new friends know their place.

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    You're not unreasonable. They can have a workplace best friend, but you must remain overall, ultimate best friend.

    13. And you would never dare claim anyone else to be your best friend either.

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    14. You're deeply offended if someone else claims your best friend is their best friend.

    15. You would be offended if they don't turn to you when they have a problem.


    16. And there is nothing more offensive than finding something out about them from someone else.

    How could it be that you didn't know something about them?

    17. You post about their success on your Facebook wall like a proud mum.


    18. And your best friend acts exactly the same way towards you.

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    19. So you actually know that you will be best friends forever.

    Because no one else will love them like you do.