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21 Signs That You And Your Best Friend Are Meant To Be

You're not married legally, or religious, but ~spiritually~.

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1. They're the first person you want to tell your good news to.

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2. They're also the first person you turn to when you have bad news.

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3. They're pretty much the first person you turn to, whenever.

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Even when all you have to say is that you saw a cool dog.

4. You're on first-name terms with their parents.

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You're probably Facebook friends with them too.

5. They know everything that is going on in your life.


Including all the gory details.

6. You've planned your future together.


Probably a giant house together with 200 dogs.

7. You tell everyone you meet about them because you're really proud of them.

8. You can actually rely on them to tell you the truth.

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9. You know you can call them at any ungodly hour and they'll pick up and listen to you.

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10. You can be gross around them.

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11. You will both immediately hate anyone that has ever hurt either of you.

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You probably hate the people that hurt them more than anyone that has ever hurt you.

12. Without a shadow of a doubt you know that you will be friends till you're old.

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13. You can be totally open about your anxieties and insecurities.


Because you know there is no judgement.

14. People basically expect you as a package.


They know they can't invite one but not the other.

15. Even the shittest of nights are made alright by their presence.


16. Actually, everything is made better by their presence.

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17. There is no such thing as awkward silences between you.


18. You always know how to make each other laugh and think it's amazing that you, the two funniest people in the world, have found each other.

19. You do nice things for each other just because.

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20. You're always supportive of each other.

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21. You tell each other you love each other all the damn time.

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