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17 Things Only People Annoyed By Slow Walkers Will Understand

Nothing gives you more rage than someone walking slowly in front of you.

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1. You're probably a really sweet person normally. Unless, of course, someone has the audacity to walk slowly in front of you.

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Obviously not if the person can't help the speed at which they walk, you're not a monster. It's the people that are just inconsiderate that turn you into a seething ball of rage.


9. You might've even taken preventative measures by wearing heels/particularly loud shoes and stomping around everywhere so people know to move the fuck out of your way.

10. Large groups of people and lots of congestion really brings out the worst in you.

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You know it's bratty and that EVERYONE has somewhere to get to, but also, can they please move the fuck out of your way?

11. You get really frustrated with tourists.


Yeah ok I get that you're in a historic part of this beautiful city but do you need to stop in the middle of a very busy street to take a picture??????????


14. No matter how much you love city life, crowded streets and slow walkers make you want to give everything up and move to the middle of nowhere.

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Sure, you wouldn't get 4G in a cabin in the woods, but you could walk at whatever speed you chose.

16. You've mastered some incredible techniques when it comes to weaving through crowds.

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Shout out to all the really tall big people that plow through crowds that small people can then follow.

17. However, deep down, you know that you've been an annoying slow-walking in your life, too.

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Except when you're a slow-walking tourist it’s different, obviously, because you’re just trying to enjoy a wonderful city and contribute your money to its economy, people should just chill out, gosh!!!