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    19 Crime Pictures That Will Make You Say "Me"

    *Breaks into your house just to pet your dog*

    1. When you have your priorities straight:

    2. When you can talk your way out of anything:

    3. When you're inventive with your weapon of choice:

    4. When your foresight is limited but your intentions are good:

    5. When you have a brand and image to upkeep:

    6. When you have only one motivation:

    7. When you forget that you are committing a crime:

    8. When you believe certain rules need to always be followed even when laws aren't:

    9. When you're actually a good guy:

    10. When some things are more urgent than crime:

    11. When you can make the best out of a bad situation:

    12. When you like things to have more than one use:

    13. When you think outside the box:

    14. When you're a criminal, but not a heartless one:

    15. When you can't let a good pun go unappreciated:

    16. When you just can't help yourself:

    17. When you just want to make yourself at home:

    18. When you're a robber but not a monster:

    19. When you're actually not cut out to be a criminal:

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