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18 Reasons Why New Year's Eve Is Always A Disappointment

Whenever there is pressure to have fun, you probably won't.

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1. New Year’s Eve can be a really good, fun night. But usually, it’s just a big ol' disappointment.

Let's all stop pretending New Year's Eve is gonna be an amazing night. Has anyone ever had a good one? Single bigge…

2. There’s just too much pressure to have a good time and be at the best party ever.

New Year's Eve expectations vs. reality

And any time you’re under pressure to enjoy yourself, you probably won’t.

4. And even if you don't care about it, the moment everyone else is kissing and you're not, is somehow the most awkward moment ever.

[countdown till new years] "5...4...3...2...1..." *fireworks* *people kissing & hugging* me:


6. Realistically, you're probably going to actually miss the stroke of midnight anyway because you're too engrossed in trying to open a bottle of prosecco, or something.

if you start talking to me at 11:59:46 pm on new year’s eve i will be completely out of things to talk about at exa…


9. Even if you look and feel incredible, it'll all be ruined by naff New Year's Eve accessories.

Glasses shaped like the year stopped making sense after 2000, why do they still exist??

11. And totally annihilate your bank account as everything is five times more expensive.

20th Television

Suddenly you have to pay £30 just to get into your local shitty pub. It would've been £15 is you bought early bird tickets, though!!

12. Which means by January 1st, the day you were supposed to start a new, healthy, non-garbage life, will actually begin with you gross, hungover, and broke.


13. If you host a party, then you have to make sure you plan it weeks, or even months, in advance because if you leave it too late, most people will already have plans and you’ll end up with just five guests.

15. Unlike Halloween, or prom, or any other similar event where there is pressure to have a good time, it's very, very difficult to opt out.

New Year's Eve is just a myth created by the government to sell you more years

Because there are going to be fireworks all fricking night and everything shuts down.

17. And even if you do try to opt out, you will then probably have to explain and justify this to people when they ask you how you spent your New Year's Eve.

18. The worst part, though, is the fact ringing in the New Year means celebrating the start of January and thus having to go back to work.

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It feels less like you're celebrating the new year and more like you're mourning the end of the holidays.