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    21 Reasons Why Dachshunds Are Precious And Perfect

    Tiny (but still somehow long) little wonders of the canine world.

    1. Dachshunds/sausage dogs/weiner dogs/doxies are incredible.

    2. They're just AGGRESSIVELY cute.

    3. Just, obscenely cute.

    4. And very long.

    5. How is it possible something can simultaneously be so long but so little?

    6. OK, granted, they're not the best at fire drills.

    7. And they can get a little confused sometimes.

    8. But they're wonderful paramedics.

    9. They're also excellent lumberjacks.

    10. They're excellent diplomats.

    11. They're incredibly stylish, too.

    12. Stylish, but sensible too.

    13. And portable.

    14. They're fantastic drivers.

    15. Doxies are incredibly good at relaxing.

    16. But they're also always ready for business.

    17. They're friends with all species.

    18. They occasionally defy gravity.

    19. They don't allow their size to diminish their ambition.

    20. Have I mentioned how bloody adorable they are???

    21. They're true champions.