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    Just 18 Really Lovely, Wholesome Posts That Will Soothe Your Troubled Soul

    In case you've not been getting your regular dose of wholesome content.

    1. This letter to a very good fish:

    The letter reads:

    "Dear Fish,

    You are the best fish ever! Some fish are thought to be scary. But you are great!"

    2. This cat, soothing a li'l baby:

    3. This mysterious, perfectly round ball of fluff:

    4. This tender hug:

    5. This selfie queen:

    6. This well-deserved karmic payout:

    7. This cool dad:

    8. This big ol' doggo, scared of a tiny little pupper:

    9. This cowbun, or maybe cownny? Bow?

    10. This joint birthday party:

    11. This pug, with his own special little staircase to his favourite seat:

    12. This proud grandad:

    13. This lab partner:

    14. This best friend:

    15. This truly joyful Tinder profile:

    16. This beautifully circular ball of love and goodness:

    17. This girl, who know what she wants:

    she grabs my hand and puts it to her face like this

    18. And this is grandma who just wanted to see what all the fuss was about:

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