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    21 Pure And Perfect Things To Cheer Up Remain Voters

    Let these soothe your wounded spirit.

    1. The best reason to honk.

    2. This wonderful singer.

    3. This pocketful.

    4. This void.

    5. This excellent bowler.

    6. Drunk girls in general.

    7. This wonderful scene.

    8. This candlelight vigil.

    9. This stack.

    10. This video, that will never not be funny.

    11. This bug's lovely hairstyle.

    12. This really friendly graffiti.

    13. This tender and sweet wikipedia article.

    14. This TINY PUPPER on a very large bench.

    15. This sweet fluffy cloud.

    16. Rob Zombie.

    17. This web content.

    18. This top secret gathering.

    19. This inspirational young star, that has the bravery to do what we've all always dreamed of doing.

    20. This meme that you should send to the person you love.

    21. These words that you really need to hear.

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