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23 Posts That Prove Tumblr Is The Punniest Place On Earth

Good work, Tumblr.

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1. This relationship:

2. This beauty secret:

3. This sick burn:

4. This question for botanists:

5. This kind of rad pun:

6. This controversial request:

7. This excellent flirting technique:

8. This bird discussion:

9. This consideration:

10. This nice guy:

11. This astrological reading:

12. This succinct summary:

13. This thing that everyone with boobs does:

14. This excellent reason to have a child:

15. This mystery:

16. This potential miscommunication:

17. This multilingual pun:

18. These vaguely historical puns:

19. This surprisingly comforting pun:

20. This breakdown:

21. This grammatical observation:

22. This one may take you a moment:

23. This meta-pun: