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22 Things Everyone With A Small Bladder Gets

You're forever grateful for roadside service stations.

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4. In fact you've seen so many public bathrooms that you probably have a ranking of the best and worst ones.

For example, the loos in Sketch are probably the best part of the whole place.


7. You sometimes worry that people notice how often you get up and go to the loo.

And think you're just going there to play on your phone.

8. You feel a sense of solidarity with the people you come across in the loos.


Hello, bladder twin, you quietly think to yourself when you see the person you've never spoken to but seen in the toilets three times today.


18. You've come to accept that you will always miss part of a movie.

one thing i hate going to the cinema is i always feel the need to pee in the middle of the movie like @ bladder why did u betray me