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22 Things Everyone With A Small Bladder Gets

You're forever grateful for roadside service stations.

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1. You're just like every other person, except you pee slightly more often.

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2. Which means you're always aware of the location of the loos.


3. And if you're not, then you're scoping out their location.

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4. In fact you've seen so many public bathrooms that you probably have a ranking of the best and worst ones.

For example, the loos in Sketch are probably the best part of the whole place.

5. Road trips are actually hell with/for you because you need a pee break so often.


You're actively grateful for service stations.

6. You've perfected the peeing-whilst-on-a-moving-train technique.

You have excellent balance.

7. You sometimes worry that people notice how often you get up and go to the loo.

And think you're just going there to play on your phone.

8. You feel a sense of solidarity with the people you come across in the loos.


Hello, bladder twin, you quietly think to yourself when you see the person you've never spoken to but seen in the toilets three times today.

9. Because synced-up bladders are a bonding opportunity.

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10. You've also mastered pre-emptive weeing.

You don't really need to, but you know you will.

You don't really need to, but you know you will.

11. And even though you literally always need to pee, you're actually really good at holding it in.

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12. But at least it comes in handy when it comes to avoiding UTIs.

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Because you always pee after sex. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

13. Except if you do get a UTI, it is actually the worst thing ever.

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You already always need to pee, how can you need to always pee more??

14. No matter what time you go to bed or if you pee beforehand, you will still need to get up in the middle of the night.

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15. You kind of dread festivals, not because of the dirt and grime and cultural appropriation, but the queues to the toilets.


But also, the dirt and grime.

16. And the toilets themselves.

17. You've peed outside many, many times.

And it's surprisingly peaceful.

And it's surprisingly peaceful.

18. You've come to accept that you will always miss part of a movie.

one thing i hate going to the cinema is i always feel the need to pee in the middle of the movie like @ bladder why did u betray me

19. And part of the conversation when you're at the pub.

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TBH you'll always miss something due to a pee break.

20. You'll also probably never have perfectly painted nails.

21. But at least you know you're well hydrated.

22. Although you could probably be lost in the Sahara for three days and still need a piss.

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