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    16 Autobiographies Everyone Will Relate To

    Everyone has a story to tell.

    1. For the self-aware:

    2. For the hard of hearing:

    3. For the regrettable decisions:

    4. For the moments you wish you could forget:

    5. For those living incognito:

    6. For every bus journey ever:

    7. For the misunderstood:

    8. For the never-ending conversations:

    9. For the canine enthusiast:

    10. For the serial evader:

    11. For the overly generous:

    12. For the great pretender:

    13. For the moments of intense self-reflection:

    14. For the times your own mother forgets what she named you:

    15. For the worst kind of procrastinator:

    16. And for the classic adult: