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21 Tumblr Posts You'll Understand If You're Shit At Flirting

"How many eye contact until date"

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1. This duality:

2. This great opener:

3. This simple solution to all our problems:

4. This online dating style:

5. These excellent manners:

6. This compliment:

7. This conundrum:

8. This (probably effective) line:

9. This rejection:

10. This incredible pick up line:

11. This great technique:

12. This logical conclusion:

13. This wholehearted attempt:

14. This problem, which can go either way tbh:

15. This plot twist:

16. This fair question:

17. This seduction technique:

18. This incredible chat-up line:

19. This bribe:

20. This slip-up:

21. This biography: