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23 Funny But Also Depressing Tumblr Posts About Uni

"My mind says university but my heart says isolated sheep herder in Iceland."

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1. This perfect summary.

2. This generous understanding of self-care.

3. This disappointing reality.

4. This perfect analogy.

5. This cool life hack.

6. The two most beautiful words in the English language.

7. This infallible strategy.

8. This mysterious experience.

9. This introduction to reality.

10. This (probably very effective) event.

11. This untimely crisis.

12. This exercise of willpower.

13. This fine sliver of hope.

14. This natural progression.

15. This negotiation tactic.

16. This perfect and moving introduction.

17. This cosmic excuse.

18. The motto of our generation.

19. This slight regression.

20. This excellent ulterior plan.

21. This, which for some reason is universally true.

22. This cause of many tears.

23. This calling.

24. The realest, saddest post ever.