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21 Reasons Why Greenwich Is The Best London Park

Sorry, Hampstead Heath.

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1. First of all, you get a pretty fantastic view of the London skyline.

2. And lots and lots of flowers.

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5. Seriously, you need to go and enjoy those blossoms before the season is over!

6. Sure, you get that in other parks, but Greenwich really takes the biscuit with the prettiness.

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7. It's really just showing off, tbh.

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8. No wonder so many Londoners go here the moment there is any amount of sunshine.

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9. Not to say there are no quiet and secluded parts of the park.

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10. It's a perfect place to watch the sunset.

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11. And it's not far from beautiful architecture, too.

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14. And of course, there's the observatory.

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15. Where you have to take the obligatory meridian line photo.

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16. And if that's not your vibe, you can always go paddling on the lake.

17. Plus, the squirrels are super friendly.

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18. Can you think of a more perfect place to have a cider?

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20. Nope. There is no where else more perfect.

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21. So go out there and enjoy the sun before London inevitably returns to it's standard, rainy self.