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    Literally Just 18 Pictures Of Big Dogs Hanging Out With Little Dogs

    Big ol' doggos and lil' subwoofers.

    1. These two, just chilling on the porch:

    2. This charitable big boy doing a puppo a scare:

    3. This friendly and cautious greeting:

    4. These two balls of fluff that come in two sizes:

    5. This loving pair:

    6. This innovative mode of transport:

    7. This proud pair:

    8. These somewhat troubled woofers:

    9. This very exciting meeting:

    10. These comfy little pretzels:

    11. This gentle boop:

    12. This regal doggo guarding his friend:

    13. This very important meeting:

    14. This bamboozlement of a lil' guy:

    15. This big doggo doing a lil' doggo an inconvenience:

    16. This big woofer and two subwoofers:

    17. This travelling duo:

    18. This – wait, what kind of dog is that?