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    18 Curly Animals That Will Make You Want To Get A Perm

    In case you needed any more convincing that curly hair is the best.

    1. So fierce.

    2. So regal.

    3. Look at those defined curls!

    4. How do you even get this sort of definition?

    5. This little fluffer has more volume than us mortals could ever dream of.

    6. As does this sweet angel.

    7. This dog proves that curly hair can make any activity seem incredibly glamorous.

    8. And this cat proves that there is nothing softer and more cloud-like than curly hair, other than actual clouds.

    9. As does this walking cloud, poorly disguised as a pig.

    10. Look at this perfect, curly angel.

    11. This poorly pup may have hurt his little paw, but those curls are indestructible.

    12. Look how fancy this pigeon is.

    13. This guinea pig is actually just a curly ball of joy.

    14. This mouse chose only to rock a slight wave in its fur, but it looks fabulous nonetheless.

    15. Honestly, book a hairdressers appointment and just bring a picture of this dog.

    16. Or this horse.

    17. So stylish.

    18. Perfect.