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18 Things All Sufferers Of Period Boobs Will Understand

They hurt like hell and feel a thousand times heavier, but at least they look good.

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2. It's when your boobs, after several weeks of just hanging out and being there, not causing much of a fuss, decide to make their presence known at EVERY GIVEN MOMENT.


5. You would enjoy having big boobs if it wasn't for the pain, feeling bloated, and all the other shit that comes with PMS.

8. You might even have a second set of bras for this time of month.

It's truly a miracle of nature and a pain in the arse that you basically switch cup sizes halfway through the month.


10. Until you're actually praying for your period to start and for your boobs to go back to normal.


17. And, you know, at least this gives you a reason to actually always look forward to your period.

Because once it starts, it means your boobs will soon stop hurting. After you go through the searing pain of cramps, obviously.