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18 Pictures Of Samoyeds Just Being Their Perfect Selves

They're just so fluffy.

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2. Does something so perfect even need a cherry on top?

Instagram: @annakasatkinaru

4. This one is very fashion forward.

Instagram: @miloki_samoyeds

5. They're surely the most festive of dogs.

Instagram: @annakasatkinaru

7. How is it possible to be this beautiful??

Instagram: @samoyedjazz

9. They are also the softest things in the world.

Instagram: @simba

10. They're surprisingly intellectual, too.

Instagram: @samoyedmelker

12. They're probably the happiest little clouds you'll ever see.

Instagram: @iimrmljovii

13. They're just so stoked about everything.

Instagram: @simba

14. Don't you wanna boop this nose???

Instagram: @echo

15. Clouds don't need silver linings when they look like this.

Instagram: @ookami_no_toki

16. They're a beautiful addition to just about every scene.

Instagram: @bliz_echo_samoyed

17. A cloud on a sunny day isn't so bad when it looks like this.

Instagram: @samoyedmelker

18. No wonder we want to be just like them.

Instagram: @leonardosfire

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