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18 Pictures Of Samoyeds Just Being Their Perfect Selves

They're just so fluffy.

1. Look at this perfect cloud.

2. Does something so perfect even need a cherry on top?

3. They're truly majestic.

4. This one is very fashion forward.

5. They're surely the most festive of dogs.

6. Though they are very versatile.

7. How is it possible to be this beautiful??

8. They look amazing in any lighting.

9. They are also the softest things in the world.

10. They're surprisingly intellectual, too.

11. And majestic as fuck.

12. They're probably the happiest little clouds you'll ever see.

13. They're just so stoked about everything.

14. Don't you wanna boop this nose???

15. Clouds don't need silver linings when they look like this.

16. They're a beautiful addition to just about every scene.

17. A cloud on a sunny day isn't so bad when it looks like this.

18. No wonder we want to be just like them.

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