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23 Things You Tried To Forget About Nu Rave

It was a simpler time, when nothing was ironic and everything was neon and lamé.

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6. As was Lightspeed Champion.

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Aka Dev Heynes, aka Blood Orange. He might be living a cool minimalist life in New York now, writing songs for Solange, but we all remember his origins. We remember.


12. Hadouken!, Klaxons and Crystal Castles were on every playlist.

Instagram: @pierotipo

Plus New Young Pony Club, CSS, and Robots in Disguise.


13. Skins really spoke to you and maybe you even tried to emulate the ridiculous lifestyle it portrayed.


"My mum and dad were away for the weekend so we all went round mine and had like two WKDs each. It was like something out of Skins." – You at some point, probably.

14. And your mind was kind of blown when Crystal Castles were on Skins.


Two things you loved, combined into one, with a really emotional bit thrown in for good measure. Your little 14-year-old heart couldn't handle it.

15. You also probably wore leggings. Lots and lots of leggings.

17. There were lightning bolts on everything.

Instagram: @wildwanderlust

18. All jewellery was plastic.

Instagram: @eclectic_eccentric_

And Tatty Devine did the best plastic jewellery.

20. Also everyone had a bizarre obsession with cassette tapes but no one actually used them, even ironically.

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They were mostly just spray painted then used to make accessories.


21. There were a lot of '80s themed parties but everyone basically just wore their same clothes, maybe with more neon.

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They were in no way representative of the '80s.

23. It was a simpler time.

Instagram: @pocahontasonx

A purer time.