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    23 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In The Internet

    The internet isn't all bad.

    1. This dragon:

    2. This unwavering support:

    3. This NUT:

    4. This snail son:

    5. The sickest skate trick ever:

    6. This ad:

    7. This, the purest 7 seconds of content on the internet:

    8. This majestic beauty taking a sunset stroll:

    9. This gentle beast:

    10. This overwhelmed and over-the-moon raccoon:

    11. This reptile video, which lives up to the hype:

    12. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

    13. The greatest 7 seconds of video to have ever been created:

    (There is no sensitive content in this Vine unless a dancing dog is classed as sensitive, which maybe it is, we don't know the dog personally.)

    14. This conversation:

    15. This incredibly pure meme:

    16. This sweet save:

    17. This appropriate and respectful attitude:

    18. This well-deserved break:

    19. This international relationship:

    20. This banging tune:

    21. The Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary and its fans:

    22. This truth:

    23. This sweet and sensitive soul: