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    24 Things Only People With Shit Eyesight Will Understand

    You're basically useless without your contacts and glasses.

    1. Your glasses entirely change what you look like.

    2. Putting them on after taking out your contact lenses makes you feel like an entirely different person.

    3. It doesn't matter what the frame is like, your glasses will always make you look like a bit of a nerd because they're so thick.

    4. You've come to accept that you probably won't survive a zombie apocalypse.

    5. You also worry about being attacked in the middle of the night.

    6. Wearing contact lenses on a daily basis also means that ~revealing~ your true, nearly blind form is a relationship milestone.

    7. Going to the optician is always stressful.

    8. Unless your prescription hasn't changed, at which point you finally feel like an adult and like you've achieved something.

    9. Without your glasses and contacts, you need to hold things super close to your face to see them.

    10. If you want to take a break from holding your phone super close to your face in bed by wearing glasses, this happens.

    11. With glasses, your makeup goes unappreciated.

    12. With contact lenses, it flakes away and sticks to the lenses.

    13. Having people demand to try on your glasses and then exclaim "Wow you're so blind!" is enough to make you want to tear your hair out.

    14. You're incredibly prone to accidents without your glasses.

    15. And your bad eyesight has led to some awkward situations.

    so blind without my contacts that I just went to stroke a cat that turned out to be jeans

    16. Like accidentally blanking someone because you just didn't see them.

    17. You can't shower in your glasses and you shouldn't shower in your contacts so that always adds an extra element of excitement and danger to the task.

    18. Another fun activity is opening the oven.

    It's so convenient to have your glasses steam up completely while you're holding something very hot.

    19. Losing your contacts/glasses is actually the worst.

    20. People really bloody love asking you if you're blind/how many fingers they're holding up.

    21. Spontaneous ~sleepovers~ aren't really an option for contact lens wearers.

    22. Rain is your natural enemy.

    23. And hot food and drinks also seem to hate you.

    24. But at least you look smarter.