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    27 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summarised Mums

    "I will do a lot of things but admitting I am cold to my mum who told me to bring a jacket is not one of them."

    1. This miracle of miracles:

    2. The conversation we have all had:

    3. The wild panic we've all experienced:

    4. This classic mum humour:

    5. This flawless strategy:

    6. This other conversation we've all had:

    7. This thing every single mum does:

    8. And this thing that every single mum says:

    9. This excuse you've definitely used:

    10. This situation, which we've all been in:

    11. This exception:

    12. This look we've all given:

    13. This flawless cover-up:

    14. This magical talent every parent has, which means they can never remember the name they gave you:

    15. This excellent mum prank:

    16. This immortal mum lie:

    17. This look, which you've definitely gotten:

    18. This classic mum line:

    19. This solid logic:

    20. This cardinal rule:

    21. This terrible situation:

    22. This summary of your early twenties:

    23. This totally irrational reaction that you've definitely experienced:

    24. This total and universal mystery:

    25. This remedy for all ailments:

    26. This response:

    27. And this, the greatest betrayal of all: