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17 Things Everyone With Strong Eyebrows Knows To Be True

At last, we get our vengeance for the pencil-thin brows of the '90s.

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7. And everyone who made fun of your brows in the '00s should pay you reparations.

People used to make fun of my eyebrows in school, now they're "in." AKA one day vengeance will be yours, children!

Not that you're bitter or anything.


9. You're also thankful to your mum for not letting you tweeze your brows when you were a teen.

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Because tweezing in the '00s = severe over-tweezing from which you would never have recovered.

12. You're perpetually torn between the thick and unruly/thick-but-groomed look.

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Which is better: the before or after? It's contentious.


13. And just because they're thick, it doesn't mean you don't fill them in.

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And, you know, because they take up a greater surface area, the more time you have to take to fill them in and shape them.

14. Tweezing your brows makes you feel incredibly nervous.

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What if your eyebrows are where you store all your power and you are only weakening yourself by thinning them out?

16. You also dread the day that thin brows come back into vogue.

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And the cycle will begin again.