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25 Things You Know If You're An Adult But Only Just

Responsible taxpaying member of society by day, child by night.

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1. You probably buy a lot of stupid shit.

These are so amazing! I love drunk shopping, i will never shop sober again.


4. But you've finally learnt when to stop drinking so you won't wake up with a horrific headache the next morning.

6. You're really into buying homeware.

7. And you probably have a good idea of how you would decorate your ~ideal home~.

13. You're responsible and pay your taxes.

How I feel when I have to pay bills right after I get paid.

15. You know how to do your own laundry and even handwash stuff.

Spending Sensuous Sunday with my sexay lingerayy i.e handwashing my bras in the kitchen sink because theyre all gross


21. You know the joys of a humidifier or really good quality frying pans.

23. You understand the importance of being healthy.