Kerry Washington Was Accused Of Cultural Appropriation And Reacted In The Best Way

    No Scandal here.

    Recently, Kerry Washington posted this tweet about the new Steve Jobs film.

    Finally saw #SteveJobsMovie tonight. Kate Winslet is my spirit animal. And @adamshapiro is supes perfect! Great acting all around. 😃

    But she was quickly called out for her use of the term "spirit animal".

    @kerrywashington Please don't use the term "spirit animal" like that. Disrespectful to indigenous beliefs and communities.

    Some people questioned whether it was cultural appropriation at all.

    @kerrywashington Spirit Animal is NOT cultural appropriation. The idea of a spirit animal belongs to multiple cultures around the world.

    How is saying "spirit animal" cultural appropriation? That's not a white phrase. Everyone says that.

    While others saw how it could be offensive.

    i hadn't realised the term "spirit animal" was cultural appropriation but it makes sense

    I used to use the term "Spirit Animal" as a joke, but I have now learned that that can be offensive bc spirit animal are religious symbols

    Kerry, however, listened and apologised for offending anyone.

    So, Id never been schooled to concept that using "spirit animal" in the way I just did is cultural appropriation. I get it. I apologize. TY!

    She also thanked Twitter for calling her out and bringing the issue to her attention.

    I love how much I learn from social media. I love being in conversation with you. I appreciate this community. I really do. #Grateful

    Thanks Kerry, for always being classy.