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19 Things You Know If You Only Wear Loads Of Makeup Or None At All

There is no in-between for you.

1. You only have two states of being: 100% done up or 100% not giving a fuck.

2. Most of the time you cannot be arsed with doing a full face of makeup.

do I sleep for another twenty minutes or do my makeup

3. Especially as "no-makeup makeup" seems like more effort than it's worth.

4. If you normally wear eyeliner, then makeup without it makes you more uncomfortable than no makeup at all.

5. So you just go completely bare-faced.

6. Because if you're not going to look your absolute best, why bother at all?

7. But when you do actually bother, you go all out.

8. Which means that sometimes people underestimate how long it takes for you to do it.

9. Frankly, it's a genius way to live. Your makeup lasts twice as long, for one.

10. Unfortunately you don't actually save any money by doing this.

11. People really, really notice when you make an effort.

12. In fact, setting the bar so low for yourself really pays off in the long run.

My philosophy is:look bad all year. Don't wear makeup or put effort in your looks. That way, when you get dressed up you'll look ever better

13. You have no qualms about people seeing you with or without makeup.

14. Sometimes you go through long stages of wearing no makeup at all.

15. So when you get back into it, you're so impressed with how good you look.

16. Or you realise you've forgotten how to apply it completely.

Trying to put on makeup when you haven't worn any in awhile

17. Although these two contrasts sometimes show up in the same day.

18. Which is great, because it means you get to sleep late in the morning, and show off your contouring skills in the evening.

19. Basically, your love of makeup and love of sleep are equal.