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    18 Genius Lines From "The Mighty Boosh" You Need To Relive

    "Welcome to the Zooniverse, where all your dreams come true... niverse"

    1. This excellent advice:

    2. This medical miracle:

    3. This sick burn:

    4. This good question:

    5. This credible story:

    6. This excellent product:

    7. This catchy tagline:

    8. This friendship:

    9. This fairly undeniable statement:

    10. This new name:

    11. This revelation:

    12. This actually good advice:

    13. This love for the written word:

    14. This slight misunderstanding:

    15. This genius invention:

    16. This language barrier:

    17. This chat-up line:

    18. And of course, these excellent new names: