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    19 Beautiful Marble Gifts For The Minimalist In Your Life

    For those who can't quite afford to build their entire house out of marble.

    1. These cool glasses:

    2. This incredible futuristic clock:

    3. This gorgeous phone case:

    4. This beautiful hexagonal chopping board:

    5. This perfect notebook:

    6. These dainty earrings:

    7. This elegant swimsuit:

    8. This unique pillowcase:

    9. This excellent memo pad:

    All your notes will be ~set in stone~.

    10. These comfy leggings:

    11. This stylish laptop case:

    12. This minimalist dining set:

    13. This gorgeous geometric plant pot:

    14. This lovely photo frame:

    15. This sleek sweatshirt:

    16. This (genuine marble) jewellery box:

    17. This stylish watch:

    18. These lovely layering necklaces:

    19. And finally, this totally wild dial-up phone:

    It's enough to make you actually want to get a landline.

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