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18 Times Tumblr Nailed Fragile Masculinity

"You want me, a MAN, to buy this body wash which doesn’t have the word 'SPORT' in the name and it doesn’t say FOR MEN anywhere? Nice try, pal."

1. This terrible conundrum that leaves men damp in the rain:

2. This insult to cats:

3. This face-touching epidemic:

4. This vitamin D deficiency:

5. This poor doggo:

6. The dangers of overly nice-smelling soap:

7. This fragility:

8. This scene that appears in every romantic comedy:

9. This perplexing product:

10. This absolutely necessary purchase of paint:

11. This excellent product pitch:

12. This bromance:

13. This unjust act of deprivation:

14. This example of Terry Crews being excellent:

15. This absolutely necessary product:

16. This interesting experiment:

17. This sick burn:

18. This missed marketing opportunity: