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Tumblr Reacted Hilariously To Eurovision, As You Might Expect

"Eurovision isn't about winning. It's about embarassing your country and drowning your regrets in glitter."

1. It went from 1 to 100 immediately:

2. There were some strong opinions on Sweden's entry:

3. Some conspiracies, too:

4. Some nice introspective callbacks, too:

5. This acceptance:

6. This hair commentary:

7. This outrage:

8. These excellent interviewing skills:

9. This highly sought-after and useful product:

10. This resemblance:

11. This firm belief:

12. This uncanny resemblance:

13. This moment when Dark Eurovision hears and answers your prayers:

14. This whiny American:

15. This succinct and accurate summary:

16. The true meaning of Eurovision:

17. This potential start of World War III:

18. And finally, Tumblr's verdict:

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